Sometimes You Just Don’t need that Many

Admit it, we didn't get in to sewing to save money but it sure does help!

I think most will agree that our fabric stash is "more" than what we originally anticipated.  Sometimes, however, it would be nice to not have to buy hundreds of something you really don't need.  That was our mindset behind our inventory of Kam-Snaps. 

Since our current fabric inventory is youth-centric we thought about the many pieces that would most likely be sewn up, for example adding 12 inseam snaps to Eunoia's Adventuralls pattern.  Will you ever use that perfectly matching shade of blue again?  Who

Organ Needle Bundle Giveaway

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Did you know that most sewing machine manufacturers trust ORGAN needles over all other brands?

ORGAN needles are supplied with every new machine from:
RENOWN and many, many more…


11/28/2020 we are giving away a bundle of ORGAN needles.  Complete the word search below and share a screen capture in the Instagram or Facebook giveaway post for a chance to win.  *International entries are welcomed but the winner will pay shipping.

Directions:  Click on the first letter of the word,

Introduction to PDF Patterns

Hello! I’m Nellie from Sorry About the Mess and I see you have found your way into the fantastic world of PDF patterns. And you’ve stumbled across one of the best companies. Welcome to Eunoia! This is me! In my very favorite Eunoia pattern, the Derby.  Let’s start out on the right foot with an explanation of what exactly a PDF pattern is. For some people, this basic explanation is going to be overkill, but for others, we need to know and understand how these things work to really enjoy them. So, I am going

February’s Freebie Friday

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No More Scary Buttons!

 Hello, friends! It’s Nellie again, from Sorry About the Mess! And I have a question for you. A serious question that I really want to know the answer to. What is the one sewing technique that scares the life out of you? That you figure out how to avoid at all costs? That you would love to master if someone would just show you the trick of it because there must be a trick because everyone else can do it.

If your

Say Hello to Freebie Fridays!

We are kicking off our 2020 celebration with an announcement! The first Friday of EVERY month in 2020 will be Freebie Friday! Spread the word because we have an entire year of freebies planned for you! Our very first Freebie Friday of 2020 will release at noon US central time today! Use coupon code "freebiefridayJan" to get your Ultimate Mega Hair Bundle FREE! Read More

BYOBackpack Hack

WOW! We’ve successfully got the BYOBackpack out and guess what – there’s ALREADY a blog hack for your enjoyment! One of our wonderful testers even gave it a go for one of her bags!

With little ado, let’s jump on in!

Card Slots!

I love this hack for my kids to use for their library cards! We can use this to hold their library books and keep the card safe all in one place!

New Pattern Naming Contest

🎒Help Us Name Our New Release!🎒

Have you ever wanted to sew a bag or purse but felt too overwhelmed? Maybe you bought a pattern and immediately, you were so confused, you gave up?
We are beyond thrilled to introduce you to our next pattern. The backpack base. Why is it a "base?" Because there are already 8 add-ons in testing to be released on/around August 1st! We made sure to include several testers who had never sewn a bag in their life to test and

5 Valda Hacks


Valda’s Released… and we have some hacks!

Valda for Youth and Adult has released and I couldn’t be more excited. As I interacted with our lovely testers I got so many different inspirations for Valda that I just had to make some hacks for it… and here we are! I had SO many ideas that -wink- I’d suggest watching for another blog post with even MORE!

Without much ado, I’ll jump right into the first hack which is a simple one: Bling.

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