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Evermore, Cordon & Voyage

Have you ever gone swimsuit shopping, tried on swimsuit after swimsuit and found yourself thinking, I just wish it fit like my ______________ (fill in the blank with some amazing piece of clothing you made that you rock).

Well, several of us were chatting and thought the same exact thing!  The Evermore briefs have a FANTASTIC fit and with multiple coverage options its a great choice for swim bottoms!  With Evermore for the bottoms we looked through our catalog of patterns and decided to try out Cordon, a great tank, and Voyage which has some fun built in features like the sleeves, color blocking and even a hood!

Same sizing?


If you are using a pattern with positive ease (roomy, vs negative ease which is tight) you’ll want to size down.  The  Voyage swim tops pictured here are both 1 size smaller than they usually make for themselves.


What about a shelf bra?

If you are like me you want a shelf bra in your swimsuit….so let’s get you one!  Eunoia’s adult patterns have an indicator where the waist is for the purposes of lengthening and shortening your garments.  In this example I cut out a second front & back piece at the waist line.  I had some black FOE (fold over elastic) on hand so I wrapped it around my chest, where I wanted the shelf bra to sit and cut a piece that was comfortable.  For mine, instead of Cordon’s neckband I just used the shelf bra lining to finish the neck hole.  For the FOE I sewed it in a loop and sewed it evenly around the bottom of the wrong side of my new shelf bra piece and finished it like you would the elastic on the Evermore briefs (second picture on the left).  I’m a size C cup and, for me, cutting the front and back piece at the waist line indicator then installing the FOE, made the shelf bra sit perfectly where I would have wanted it but you may need to adjust as necessary.

Let's do ruching!


I love ruched briefs so I just had to try Evermore with a bit of ruching.  I wanted high waist briefs so on my size 18* pattern piece I added 6 additional inches straight up (I had added 4 on my first try and decided I wanted more). I also added and additional 1/2″ to the left and right side seams.  Most of Eunoia’s patterns have a seam allowance of 3/8″ so adding an additional 1/2″ made my seam allowance .875 .  Be sure to sew those side seams with a regular sewing machine using a stretch stitch because you need those seam allowances!  Press open the seam allowances then stitch 1/8″ to the inside of the seam allowance edge to create a casing for your drawstrings or elastic (2nd picture to the left shows the inside seam allowance sewn down).  I used elastic because I didn’t want to swim with drawstrings dangling and making me think little fish were nibbling at me LOL.

~ Shannon, Sarah, Tracy & Kaitlyn

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