Gathering, Gathering & More Gathering!

Hey sewing friends! It's Nellie, from I am so excited to be here at Eunoia Designs today, you have no idea how incredible of an experience this has been for me!

So, have you seen Eunoia's newest pattern? The Synnove Sunshine Dress?


How stunning is this dress? And all those ruffles!! Oh my, just makes my little heart flutter!!

Wait! Maybe it's a skipped heartbeat? Is that a little bit of trepidation I detect? Over gathering?


Bunny Bag

Hello!  I'm Amy and I’m a blog helper for Shannon, I have zero design experience, but I love to create and I love a good challenge. I was having one of those days where you just need to escape to your sewing space and get out of your head for a little bit. I put everything else aside and created this cute

Westley & Buttercup Sleeve Hack

As soon as Shannon posted her pictures of Westley and Buttercup with the bishop sleeve I was in love! I couldn't believe I could make something cute for my daughter and stylish for my sons all from one pattern! Since south Louisiana doesn't get to many cold days, and I want these beauties to last forever, I cut my tops out on the hem line then banded them. I love how I can adjust the length to give different looks by cutting it

Drab to FAB! High Fashion Denim DIY

Eunoia Design Group is sponsoring week 7 of the 52 Week Sewing Challenge Facebook Group. We already upcycled clothes into new Eunoia Fashions check out the blog here- In this video you will learn how to up cycle a pair of jeans into hot trendy fashion! The video starts with distressing the jeans. We then show you the steps in a time lapse video on how to Ombre Bleach Dip. We end the video showing you how to use

Let’s talk about upcycling fabrics!

What is Upcycling?  In a nutshell, it means re-using fabrics to create something new. This can be a great way to save money while being environmentally conscious.

What fabrics work best?

A lot depends on your project:

WOVEN: Sheets, table cloths, and curtains work wonderfully for woven projects like our Bristol Romper, Tammy Dress, and Bridgette Bloomers.  The PJ set below is our Tammy dress made from a flannel sheet.

KNITS: For stretchy apparel, like

Free Pattern: Drool Baby Drool!

I’d love to take a moment to introduce myself as the newest member of the Euonia Design Group's Family. I’ve fallen in love with the Eunoia Patterns, and especially love sewing them for my children. Being able to create and share patterns with all of you is a dream come true for me.

Here is my daughter wearing the Tammy tunic and Bridgette Loungers
Here is my son wearing Brenton Loungers

Be a Heart Hero!

Eunoia Design group is helping to facilitate one little boys American Heart Association's Kids Heart Challenge goals.

We've created a collection of cut files as a gift for those who choose to donate. To help promote awareness of CVD/CHD. Each person who donates $5 or more will receive this entire cut file pack as a thank you gift. Once the donation has been made you will receive a thank you email that will include a link to access the download via the Eunoia website. Each

All Hallows Eve Hat

Happy October!!!

Have you seen our new release?

     All Hallows’ Eve is the perfect accessory to most costumes and in all honesty could just be down right fun to wear to work or around the house all month long. I’m still thinking it would make an adorable center piece or door hanger with the right amount of creativity.

     So just a little background on where I got my inspiration. My daughter Kimber wanted to be a witch specifically a “bad witch” my mother In law found this adorable outfit with this great

New Name, Celebrations & National Sewing Month

I have some important news to share with you on this wonderful Labor Day! Karrington Paige Designs had an ownership change at the end of July and is now Eunoia Design Group. I thought a lot about the ideals I wanted our name to encompass: encouragement, inspiration, beauty, diversity, inclusion, uniqueness. As I sat thinking and researching in my office, I also kept looking back at the wall hanging my daughter made that reads "be YOU tiful." Eunoia is derived from the Greek word meaning “Beautiful Thinking.” It is my hope that our patterns unlock some special spark of “beautiful thinking”
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