Free “In All Kinds of Weather” Temperature Quilt Top Diagram

A great scrap buster!

Hi there, Jackie here with a fun new years quilt top idea.  These tiny house blocks go together to create a visual representation of the temperature highs and lows of the year.

You can make all 365 or as few as you’d like to fit your needs.

Use the daily low temperature (or high temperature depending on location) to decide what color you’ll make that day. It’ll get you sewing every day and using up tiny scraps! If you live in an area with the same temperature every day, you may want to use a different location, like your home town.

If your highs and lows are much different than these, you’ll want to consider using 20 degree increments or 5 degree increments instead. At the end of the year, add one inch sashing and some background blocks to create your quilt top. Don’t forget to label with dates as you go!

Here's how to do it!

Block Layout

Cut Pieces

Suggested Colors

90* + Magentas

80*-90* reds

70-80 oranges

60-70 yellows

50-60 greens

40-50 blues

30-40 purples

Below 30 – icy blues / off whites

Use your scraps! If you have an abundance of one color you should assign that color to your most common temperature.

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The Steps

Step One:

Place A on top of G.

Sew A diagonally onto G.

Sew C, D, and E together into a row.

Step Two:

Sew the other piece A to the other side of G.

Sew F to the top of CDE.

Then sew B to either side of the bottom of the house.

Finishing the Block:

Sew the roof to the house and you’re done!

The block at this point will measure 3.5” square.


That’s it!  Please feel free to comment or ask questions below and click on the link to follow my Instagram account for updates on my temperature quilt throughout the year!

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