Admit it, we didn’t get into sewing to save money but it sure does help!

I think most will agree that our fabric stash is “more” than what we originally anticipated.  Sometimes, however, it would be nice to not have to buy hundreds of something you really don’t need.  That was our mindset behind our inventory of Kam-Snaps.

Since our current fabric inventory is youth-centric we thought about the many pieces that would most likely be sewn up, for example adding 12 inseam snaps to Eunoia’s Adventuralls pattern.  Will you ever use that perfectly matching shade of blue again?  Who knows but you sure didn’t need 100 snaps!  We chose a very specific selection of colors so that you could easily throw a set of snaps into a fabric order for less than $2.00!

Day 3 of the 4 day’s of giveaways is a snap bundle of 6 snap colors!

PC USERS:  How skilled are you at asteroids?!  To play the up arrow flies you around, the other 3 arrows will turn you all around and you can shoot with the spacebar.  Can you clear the screen?!  Shoot some stuff, take a screen capture, and post it on the Eunoia Design Pattern Group – Fabric Chat Asteroids Game post for your chance to win the 6 pack of snaps!  International entries are allowed, however, the winner must pay shipping.

MOBILE DEVICE USERS: Unfortunately this fun game doesn’t work on mobile, so for you to enter simply comment on the game post in the Eunoia Design Pattern Group – Fabric Chat if you prefer metal snaps or plastic snaps.  Haven’t used either?  Just let us know that instead!


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