As soon as Shannon posted her pictures of Westley and Buttercup with the bishop sleeve I was in love! I couldn’t believe I could make something cute for my daughter and stylish for my sons all from one pattern! Since south Louisiana doesn’t get to many cold days, and I want these beauties to last forever, I cut my tops out on the hem line then banded them. I love how I can adjust the length to give different looks by cutting it out that way! Inspired by a pin from Pinterest and Meaghan I came up with this little sleeve hack.
To start you will need to print out both sleeves.

Take your standard sleeve and cut it on the short sleeve line. Piece together your bishop sleeve, but do not cut it out.
Lay your short sleeve piece on top of the bishop sleeve lining them up at the top. Mark where the sleeve pieces overlap(red line).


Draw a line (purple) 3/8” above the red line  to add your seam allowance.


Take your ruler and line it up with the bottom corner of your bishop sleeve.

Draw a straight line from the bottom up to the purple line.

Cut your new bishop piece out on the purple line




Cut your fabric out with the standard short sleeve piece and your new bishop piece. Remember to mirror your pieces! Place a pin/clip to mark the back of each piece.

Sew a gathering stitch across the top of your bishop piece.
Gather to the width of your standard sleeve. Make sure you have the back of the sleeve lined up with the back of the bishop sleeve. Sew together and press seam up towards the top of the sleeve.
Top stitch seam allowance.

Continue on with Westley & Buttercup pattern and your new sleeve!  Here are a few fun examples of the Westley & Buttercup Sleeve Hack!



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