?Help Us Name Our New Release!?

Have you ever wanted to sew a bag or purse but felt too overwhelmed? Maybe you bought a pattern and immediately, you were so confused, you gave up?
We are beyond thrilled to introduce you to our next pattern. The backpack base. Why is it a “base?” Because there are already 8 add-ons in testing to be released on/around August 1st! We made sure to include several testers who had never sewn a bag in their life to test and confirm that the instructions are written so well and thorough that even the “super scared to try” can make something amazing! (both bags shown in this post are of a backpack created by a first-time backpack tester who had, quite a few years ago, only sewn a very simple over the shoulder cotton bag)!


Here’s the thing….we need a name! Tell us what you think this pattern should be named and WIN a free copy of the pattern plus a full set of backpack hardware (2 zippers, ladders & clips in black, and your color choice of nylon strapping). Tell us in a reply below your name of choice and why you think it should be named that. Is there a special meaning? Maybe you just think it sounds cool! We will close the naming contest Monday night at midnight CST! Names will be compiled from Facebook, Instagram & the website.
This pattern releases Friday 6/28!

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