I have some important news to share with you on this wonderful Labor Day! Karrington Paige Designs had an ownership change at the end of July and is now Eunoia Design Group.

I thought a lot about the ideals I wanted our name to encompass: encouragement, inspiration, beauty, diversity, inclusion, uniqueness. As I sat thinking and researching in my office, I also kept looking back at the wall hanging my daughter made that reads “be YOU tiful.” Eunoia is derived from the Greek word meaning “Beautiful Thinking.” It is my hope that our patterns unlock some special spark of “beautiful thinking” for each customer, a spark that makes them say, “I’m so excited to start working on this pattern! I have the most amazing idea for it!” I want our team of designers to inspire you with beautifully drafted patterns that have consistently reliable results, no matter the size. I have big plans for this company and couldn’t feel more blessed to share this new adventure with an amazing group of designers, testers, and customers. If you are wondering how to pronounce Eunoia you can find several pronunciations online, but we decided to run with ‘you-no-uh.’ However, as one an old saying goes, we don’t care what you call us, just call!

So, this month is going to be fun!! In celebration of our rebranding (and Ronald Regan’s 1982 declaration that September is National Sewing Month!) we will have some giveaways sponsored by some special companies I know you will LOVE plus games, prizes, new releases, and flash sales! Starting today, as each newly re-branded pattern is uploaded to the website, I’ll post in the group to let you know the flash sale is “Live.” If you’ve already purchased the pattern, don’t worry! All customer accounts from KPD will migrate over to the new website. All previous purchases are in your account, and your account will be updated with the newly re-branded patterns. Thank you all for being a part of this exciting celebration with all of us at Eunoia Design Group, LLC!

**Image from https://www.paintnite.com/blog/6-words-inspire-creativity/ and was the first thing I found that inspired the word Eunoia!

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