The KPD staff is so excited to share Karrington Paige Designs with the world!  We have been working hard behind the scenes to present you with what, we are certain, will be designs you will love.   We pride ourselves in providing timeless patterns that are both fashion forward and comfortable. All KPD patterns are meticulously designed and tested to meet the high standards of the company and our customers.

A few things you can expect to see with KPD!


KPD patterns will be available in the highly sought after AO and layered formats to make printing super easy


Some people love a good cut chart, others prefer rectangle pattern pieces. Guess what?  KPD gives you both!  Pick whichever you prefer.  Only want a cut chart, don’t worry, you won’t have to print the rectangle pieces.  Our handy print saver will always direct you to just the pieces you need to print for your particular size.


Christmas brought us more than just the birth of KPD this year.  It brought us Coloring pages!  We are so honored to have the opportunity to employ a professional illustrator to capture each of our beautiful designs. Our coloring pages are designed after our KPD models themselves and will feature a different little girl for each pattern so they are extra special to us.  You can find these on the website along with being included in each individual pattern themselves. Little girls will love getting to help design their own outfits!


I think it’s happened to all of us!  You have cut out your pattern pieces then they get mixed up or you forget which piece is what? KPD is excited to include pattern tags, custom to each pattern, to help with this very problem! These tags are easy to print, cut and attach to your pieces to help keep them neat and organized.

   With gracious hearts we thank you for being a part of the KPD Tribe and we know, without a doubt, that what’s to come has been well worth the wait.  We also want to humbly thank each and every tester for their strive for excellence and every meticulous moment spent sewing, proofreading, picture taking and encouraging each other every step of the way.   
Please join our Facebook pattern group and Instagram to stay up to date on anything and everything Karrington Paige Designs and to share your KPD pretties! Don’t forget to tag us when sharing! We love to see all of your creations.  

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  1. ddh281 February 17, 2018

    Excited to try your designs!

  2. 3littlebearsrnn February 18, 2018

    So proud of you Shannon!

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