Happy October!!!

Have you seen our new release?

     All Hallows’ Eve is the perfect accessory to most costumes and in all honesty could just be down right fun to wear to work or around the house all month long. I’m still thinking it would make an adorable center piece or door hanger with the right amount of creativity.

     So just a little background on where I got my inspiration. My daughter Kimber wanted to be a witch specifically a “bad witch” my mother In law found this adorable outfit with this great hat, but by that time Kimber had already moved on. The way my mother in law talked about this hat had me feeling like she needed one just because she said it was down right fabulous and her colleague joked about wearing it. Now she’s a Regional Manager and I’m sure a select few of her employees think she’s a witch. I, however, think she’s lovely and thought she needed a fancy witch hat to wear, so off to Hobby Lobby I went. I gathered my supplies and fabric and headed to the cutting counter. I should have expected to be asked, the girls always do but it caught me off guard. “So what’cha got here? Lace, tulle, and some satin. What are you making a dress?” Not even thinking I responded excitedly “oh, a witch hat for my mother in law!” Her face fell flat, she had an epic look of concern “Are you sure that is a good idea?” Realizing what I just said, I busted out laughing and started to explain how we’re that weird family and we appreciate stuff like this and we’re really into the holidays. It was great! I still don’t think she bought my story and is still probably out there deeply concerned that I was making my mother in law a witch hat.

     I got home and began to work. I wasn’t sure how OTT I wanted to go I still feel it needs some bling but I was content and took it down to my mother in law. She LOVED IT! So with that being said, we all need fancy shmancy witch hats for October. So head on over to the website and grab your copy, I promise it’s not as daunting as it looks and really comes together fairly quick! 

     A few things I’m here to mention is All Hallows’ Eve is more than just a witch hat. With a lil bit of Eunoia it can transform into whatever you need. Maybe a princess, gnome or warlock. What ever your little one desires. All Hallows’ Eve also comes with mouse ears. They’re pretty popular. Maybe you’re celebrating at a certain theme park soon and need a great hat to pair with your child’s outfit. All Hallows’ Eve will not disappoint it’s a great base for any hat project. Here are few examples that are not written in the pattern but with a little creativity you could figure out easily.

     My 5yr old requested a witch hat with mouse ears so I made it happen! I grabbed my inspiration from a certain mouse with a blue hat. We even included the cut files for stars and a moon for a completed look in the pattern download.

     The only change I made to get this look was the brim. I first quartered my pattern brim piece and marked 2.5” away from the inner circle line. Next, connected my dots and cut out the new thinner brim shape. I then placed my brim pieces right sides together and sewed around the outer brim piece leaving a 2” gap for stuffing. I then turned it right sides out and sewed it to my hat piece right sides together. Next, I stuffed the brim with polyfil and stitched the hole up with a ladder stitch. Voila! Perfectly magical mouse hat. 

     One of our testers got creative and drew out some gnome ears. She put them together the same as the mouse ears. The only difference here is she left off the brim completely and just hemmed up the bottom. Genius! Sable looks so cute as a little gnome. 

     Next up we had another tester feeling all the princess vibes. She added a piece of long tulle to the top of the hat. She also left off the brim and finished it with a hem. If you wanted bias tape would work well too! But isn’t this just perfect for a princess? 

Three looks so far with one hat pattern. Where will you find Eunoia? Share your creations from our free pattern All Hallows’ Eve in our pattern group we would love to see your little ones or even you get into the Halloween spirit..

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