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Skye Jumpsuit


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Introducing our first adult curvy fit jumpsuit, Skye! Perfectly name, you will never bore of all the different ways you can make Skye. Its as easy as swapping out a fabric choice and you get a totally different look. Casual adult running around for errands, do a drapey jersey. Want a date night or professional look, switch it up to a cable knit.


Skye includes:

  • Crew and Boat necklines
  • 3 sleeve options
  • 2 back options
  • Jogger and relaxed pants
  • optional drawstring
  • Pocket
  • Rectangle pattern pieces
  • No Trim Pages
  • Sizes 0-40
  • Projector file with layers
  • Inverted projector file with layers
  • Letter file with layers
  • A4 file with layers
  • A0 file with layers

1 review for Skye Jumpsuit

  1. ariley1105

    What a great pattern, super comfy and comes with loads of options which is amazing. Easy to make and tutorial well explained.

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