Sisu Robe Adult



This pattern can have many different outcomes depending on the material being used and the creativity of the maker.

If you use terry cloth you will get a very nice pool robe, if you use fleece you will get an amazingly comfy bathrobe, flannel and you can get a jacket.

It comes in 2 different lengths, above knee and calf. This has a nice oversized pocket that can be sewn on or made as a welt.

You can choose to have a collar or an oversized hood.


With this pattern you can build many different things in your closet.


PDF patterns includes:

  • Oversized hood or collar
  • Above knee or calf length
  • Welt or sew-on pocket
  • Adult straight fit sizes 34-74
  • Layered files
  • Projector files in both color and black & white
  • Letter and A4 file
  • A0 file
  • Instructions include helpful videos


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