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LSS-Under the Sea Bag


*Discover the Little Sewist Studio Difference*

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This PDF Sewing Pattern includes:

PDF PATTERN TUTORIAL: Our LSS tutorials are very specifically geared toward our L3 readers.  The language, syntax, graphics, even down to how its organized.  Every aspect of this tutorial is designed to build confidence from start to finish while creating a fantastic finished project.

READ ALONG: A Full pattern read along for pre-readers and readers of varying levels.

VIDEO TUTORIAL: A full video tutorial for every construction step.

PATTERN AMBASSADORS:  Each step includes one of our pattern ambassadors.  This helps in giving kids confidence while seeing their peers working on each task right along with them.


  • 8.5×11 pattern pieces
  • A0 pattern pieces
  • Projector File

Level 3 patterns are patterns suited for ages 6+ans the 2nd & 3rd grade reading level. They include the following sewing skills:  machine sewing straight lines, curves, pivots and stops, decorative sewing, sewing several layers together, gathering, casings.

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Patterns with basic sewing skills. Designed for ages 6+ and at the 2nd & 3rd grade reading level. Learning skills may include the following:

  • Machine sewing straight lines, curves, pivots and stops
  • Decorative sewing
  • Sewing several layers together
  • Gathering
  • Casings

What is the LSS Difference?

Independence & Safety

One of the goals of LSS patterns is to help a child work through a pattern from start to finish as independently of you as possible.  Only you know your child’s skill level and safety is always paramount.  We have, however, included this symbol, with instruction, in the pattern to remind a child to stop and check for help with that step if necessary – things like ironing and cutting etc.

It’s All About Them

In addition to step pictures, like most PDF patterns. we have also included step-by-step video instruction geared towards the child listener. Additionally, all of our Level 1-3 patterns have a read along slide show specifically geared towards pre-readers.

Easy Pattern Pieces

We’ve modified our pattern pieces to make them even easier! We still have numbered pages and alpha-numeric targets but we’ve made a few additions. We’ve added a dotted line for them to match the targets then just line the page up against the dotted line. We’ve also added an image, on one of the first few pages, that shows them what the final pieced pattern will look like.

Lots of Graphics

Not only do the patterns have very detailed photographs, they also include lots, and lots of graphic illustrations. If we were able to explain something in a graphic, we did.

Extra Pattern Piece Help

We’ve added extra’s on the pattern pieces like the “Stop and Pivot” shown here and start and stopping points.

Peer Support

There is nothing like knowing you’re not alone. Little Sewist Studio has 4 teams of Pattern Ambassadors that include 100+ kids ages 3-17. Seeing other kids, your own age, working on the same project you are builds confidence with each step.


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