Dragon Stash Pouch



We all know that someone who has various things stashed away somewhere. Sometimes it’s kids stashing it in their pockets, under their bed, you name it. Adults stash things away in their purse, gym bags, cars, etc… Well, now there is a pouch to stash all these secret (or not so secret) treasures in – The Dragon Stash Pouch. The Dragon Stash Pouch was drafted keeping in mind the need to organize all that treasured chaos and make things easier to find.

The Pattern features:

  • 3 Sizes
  • Optional Card Slot
  • Optional Loop (for keychains, bags, etc…)
  • Optional HTV Cut files to match our BYOB Add On’s

In the following formats:

  • A4
  • A0
  • Letter
  • Projector
  • with PDF Layers and No Trim Pages

Now, you might be wondering why call this a Dragon Stash? In dragon lore, traditionally they are fierce creatures who guard their treasures (usually gold, gems, and other valuables) jealously from others. This concept has spawned myths and legends across a wide variety of cultures all with their own takes on a “Dragon” and what that entails. Some are wise, some are no more than vicious beasts to be slain… but at the end of the day they have treasures to guard, and so… The Dragon Stash Pouch was born.

Files are downloadable individually or all files combined in a .ZIP compressed folder.  This PDF pattern is downloadable instantly upon purchase. Please note that this is for the downloadable sewing pattern only and is NOT A FINISHED GARMENT. Adobe Reader is required to open, view and print this pattern.


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