Julliette Leotard





This beautiful leotard is the pink of perfection. It’s light and flowy flounce elegantly floats with your dancers movements. The ties gracefully accentuate the shoulders and the full coverage leotard allows your dancer to execute all her moves without the worry ride ups or wedgies.


  • Knit (nylon or polyester/spandex or cotton/spandex) with 60% 4 -way stretch (both length AND width)
  • Swimwear lining
  • Mesh Or Lace for Flounce
  • 3/8″ elastic

This pattern comes in US Letter and AO formats with Layers and detailed instructions with clear and easy to understand photographs and illustrations.

This is a digital sewing pattern and not a finished garment.

Please do not duplicate, reproduce or distribute this pattern or its instructions in any way.


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